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Additional Information regarding the WM Transfer Station in Oracle:
Starting October 16, no trailers will be accepted. Truck loads only. We wil only accept household trash and it must be bagged and secured.
Our New Hours starting October 16: Monday-Wednesday 9am-3pm only! We are now closed Thursday-Sunday and Holidays!

Hello Oracle Community . . .
We have received many calls asking if the brush dump is open now that we received a bit more rain. Unfortunately, the answer is NO.

There are many factors that go into burning the brush, which is our only means to remove the accumulated piles of brush and to clean the dump up to receive more. You probably have heard of “prescribed fires,” and this burning of the brush piles is no different. Not only does it take the perfect weather conditions (temperature, humidity, wind, etc.) but we also have other factors to consider, such as only burning on the weekend, when school in not in session, and having enough manpower for a second crew dedicated to the burn, while the other crew is available for routine fire and medical calls. Plus, there is preparation work and clean up that entails logistics and manpower, so when you finally see the smoke from the burn, it will still take us another week or so to completely clean up the pad and reopen to the public.
This year’s lack of monsoon rain has been an anomaly that we hope does not repeat and for which we have no control. Burning of the brush is an enormous liability for Oracle Fire District and we take every precaution possible. We hope that you can appreciate this dilemma.
In the meantime, there are several options:

• One is the use of the Pinal County Waste Voucher Disposal Program* (more information below). The other is a link to many FREE Dump or Cleanup Events throughout Pinal County, two that will be in San Manuel.

Other Waste Management facilities. This option, other than using one of your Pinal County provided free dump vouchers to take brush, etc. to the facility here in Oracle, is to take your brush to the Waste Management transfer station in Catalina. I believe they charge $20 for the first 1,000 lbs and, from what I have heard, and my personal experience with taking recycling – Free of Charge (they no longer check the license plates for the county).

We apologize for this prolonged inconvenience. Oracle Fire District created the brush dump for our community decades ago, not as a mandate, which it is not, but as a resource and incentive for our residents to be as Firewise as possible, and to reduce the risks of wildfire. So, of course, it is in our best interest. However, since the inception of this benefit, the weather has become drier and hotter, the brush loads have increased, and manpower has become a challenge. We strive to provide the best service to our community and feel that providing the brush dump has put us a level above most communities, cities and counties that do not offer such a convenience, however, we need to balance this benefit against the risks, and lately, the risk has been too high to burn.

We appreciate your understanding and patience.
Respectfully, Tina Acosta – Administrative Manager, OFD

Materials (like cactus, agaves, large tree stumps, construction lumber, etc) can be taken to our local Waste Management location using a Pinal County voucher.
Free vouchers are available through Pinal County: Eligible Cities: Aravaipa, Dudleyville, Kearny, Mammoth, Oracle, San Manuel, and Superior. Here is the Application Process:
1. Complete and return the Application. Contact 520-866-6419 for the application. https://pinalcountyaz.seamlessdocs.com
2. Submit a current utility bill stating your name and residential address. Acceptable Documents: Water, Power, Sewer & Trash Bill.
3. Submit a copy of a valid Arizona State Issued ID / Driver’s License.
4. Submit all documents to: pcroadmaintenance.sharedmailbox@pinal.gov
or contact 520-866-6419 to make arrangements to pick up or apply for vouchers. Three vouchers are issued to the primary residence once per year. Valid voucher dates are July-Oct, Nov-Feb & March-June. Any lost vouchers will not be replaced.


• Use of the brush dump is limited to vegetation removed from properties within Oracle Fire District.
• As always, only tree & shrub trimmings, grass cuttings, and leaves are accepted. Tree trunks over 10” in diameter, tree stumps, cactus, agaves, or yuccas are NOT accepted as they do not burn completely. NO trash, lumber or construction materials, pallets, etc.
• Hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday. 8am- 5pm (last key check out at 4:45pm).
• We are now closed on Sundays and Mondays and all Holidays.
• The key will NOT be given to anyone without proof of residency or a permit.
• Non-compliance with any policies or procedures may result in permission to use the brush dump being revoked.
• Proof of residency (Driver License, utility bill, or property tax document) that shows that you own property within Oracle Fire District or are renting is required to complete a resident form and to obtain permits.
• New resident forms will only be issued by the OFD administrative staff, front office of the fire station, Mon-Thurs 8am-4pm, and Friday mornings 8am-noon.
• If you cannot make it to OFD during these admin. hours, email either Tina at tacosta@oraclefire.org or Cherie at ccheney@oraclefire.org or call 520-896-2980 during admin. hours for alternative methods.
• Once an Oracle resident form is completed, they will be issued a Resident card with their name and number, which can be shown at the front office for the brush dump key.
• For an Oracle resident using a contractor to haul their brush, a sheet of 5 “permits"with your name and Resident ID # will be issued. The resident will be required to complete each permit with their name and phone number. When needed, the resident will fill in the contractor’s name and phone number on the permit and give one permit to them. More permits may be issued on a case-by-case basis.
• The resident will show their card, or the contractor will give the permit to the person at the front window of the OFD station, and will be required to pay the appropriate fee . . .
• $5 for one load – back of truck OR trailer /• $10 for two loads – back of truck AND trailer /• $20 for a dump truck. / Note: EXACT CHANGE IS REQUIRED.

We now have a new main link button (left) on this home page to these important sources regarding Burn Permits and Restrictions.
• Pinal County – BURN PERMITS and another for PERMITTED FIRES.
Coronado National Forest – All info including Burn Permits.
• Dept. of Forestry & Fire Management (DFFM) –
A direct link to FIRE RESTRICTIONS.
• For state, federal, and tribal fire restrictions visit their NEW website at Arizona State Park: https://azstateparks.com

NEED HELP TO FIREWISE YOUR PROPERTY? – OFD is now accepting applications for a grant that may help you now or in the future. Click HERE to find out details. Click HERE for the application. If you just need a list of landscapers and contractors that are available here in Oracle, click HERE for more information. Note: they do not work for OFD.

WILDFIRE INFORMATION – There is ONE WEBSITE that has the best information on all major fires in the US. Make this a bookmark for Arizona and any other state you may want to check on. The home page takes you to the most current and largest fires. It has maps, details and updates. For all fires in one state, click at the top right, choose your state and click GO. Click HERE to go to that site or bookmark the link: http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/
Facebook is also another good source for the latest information.

OFD IS RECRUITING! – Oracle Fire is recruiting for Part-Time and Reserve Firefighter/ EMTs. Paid 24-hr shifts. You must be at least 18. Click HERE to see our flyer with more details or email us at: rjennings@oraclefire.org / Click HERE for an APPLICATION.

PREPARING FOR WILDFIRE – Your future self may thank you for this: do these two things right now to prepare for wildfires. Not sure how? Click HERE.

GETTING ALERTS – If you have not yet turned in our ENS form to be added to the OFD emergency notification system, please fill out the form, complete and either email back to OFD (Tina), fax, or bring in. Don’t forget to sign up for the Pinal County Emergency Notification System as well.

You can't afford not to be on this list for emergency notifications. Click to go to the "ENS" form and be sure to get any additional numbers (besides your landline) in the system by filling it out and returning it to Oracle Fire District. Just drop it by the fire station.
HOME ALONE ENS SYSTEM – If you are in need of an earlier warning to evacuate due to your health or to relocate animals and livestock, you can be in a special group that gets ENS warnings ahead of the general public. Here's a LIST of evacuation information that may help you.

INTERESTED IN EVACUATION PREPARATION OR WILDFIRE STATUS? Here are some links and documents that will help you find the information you need:
Ready, Set, Go - Information on One Less Spark, One Less Wildfire.
How to Have a Firewise Home (606kB)
Living with Wildfire (3.5MB)
FEMA Evacuation Checklist (123kB)
One Less Spark (Poster) (2MB)
Newsletter - SUMMER
EQUINE & LIVESTOCK EVAC PREP - Link to Video on youtube – Wildfire preparedness tips from a firefighter, veterinarian and ranch owner called "Saving the Ranch."

MORE INFORMATION – Would you like more useful info on wildfire? Click HERE for News & Information, Fire Weather, Maps, WIldland Fire Data in Google Earth, Arizona Fire Ecology, WIldland Fire, Firewise Resources, Smoke and Air Quality, Info for Before, During and After a Wildfire, How to Help and Fire Prevention & Education topics. There are several excellent artlces relative under each topic you can click to at the Arizona Interagency Wildfire Prevention website.

What is a Red Flag Warning? – According to the National Weather Service, a Red Flag Warning is issued when a "combination of low humidity, strong winds, dry ground cover, and warm temperatures are expected to bring critical fire weather conditions to the warned area." When we have these conditions, you may see our red flag flying in front of the fire station. Please be vigilant and cautious especially on these days.




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Daily Totals:

Recent rain on: 9/13/23
at Water Tank Rd.: 0.08"
at OFD: 0.05"

Total Rain to date 2023:
• at OFD: 12.45"
• at Water Tank Rd: 10.94"

Last years totals:
for 2022:
• at OFD: 22.29"
• at Water Tank Rd: 21.85"
• at Apache Joe Court: 20.86"
Past Total Rain at OFD:
2022: 22.29" / 2021: 19.52"
2020: 6.03" / 2019: 18.25"
2018: xx / 2017: xx
2016: 15.75 / 2015: 19.66"
2014: 13.22" / 2013: 15.28"
2012: 14.71 / 2011: 15.06"
2010: 18.76" / 2009: 13.96"
2008: 24.00"
Past Total at Water Tank Rd:
2022: 21.85" / 2021: 21.84"
2020: 6.74" / 2019: 20.62"
2018: 20.34" / 2017: 14.45"
2016: 17.40" / 2015: 22.18"
2014: 13.96"

OFD IS RECRUITING!Oracle Fire is recruiting for positions at OFD -
Paid 24-hr shifts. You must be at least 18. Click HERE to see our flyer with more details or email us at: rjennings@oraclefire.org


Coronado National Forest has
now changed the fire danger status
HIGH. The status sign is located on the right just before you get to the Oracle Post Office.

2023-2024 Approved Adopted Budget is now available for viewing.
Click HERE to review a copy for Fiscal Year 2023-2024.
Click HERE to review a copy for Fiscal Year 2022-2023.
To see older Adopted Operations, Click HERE.


You can't afford not to be on this list for emergency notifications. Click to go to the "ENS" form and be sure to get any additional numbers (besides your landline) in the system by filling it out and returning it to Oracle Fire District.

One Less Spark, One Less
Wildfire, go to: http://www.wildlandfirersg.org/
for more information.

ORACLE STREET MAP – We have an online printable version of Oracle map book pages with hyperlinked street legend, one hundred block grid lines (in 400 increments) and gallons-per-minute, color-coded hydrants. Click HERE or on the map below.

TAXING INFORMATION – A list of OFD Taxing Information is available by clicking HERE as well as information as to what your Fire Dept. Taxes have provided since 2004.

OFD ORACLE WEBCAM! – We have a webcam in Oracle atop the Fire Dept. building thanks to a donation from the Oracle Firewise Board. It will refresh every minute. Click on the blue icon in the weather station box near the top of this page.





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