Oracle Union Church on 705 American Ave. was awarded the Firewise Award of the Year by the Oracle Fire Dept. for 2008-2009 in February 2009.


What initially began as a simple task for church members Carol and Burl Newton to clean up the front vegetation of the church resulted in the church receiving an award.

The Newtons, along with several other church members, spent countless weekends and hard labor sprucing up the church's property to not only beautify it but to make it fire safe. Also contributing some volunteer hours to the project were students from Sycamore Canyon. Receiving the award from Battalion Chief Larry Southard for the church was Reverend Kenneth Worthman, Gloria Worthman, and the Landscape Team.

Shown here is Oracle Union Church's Landscaping Team (left to right in photo):
Burl Newton, Carol Newton, Harry Hendrickson, David Aldridge, Doug Morrow, Doug Johnson, Cindy McGhee, Bill Blomquist and OFD Battalion Chief Larry Southard